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LET ME SKIN Revive VC Cream Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Sophie Beauty Box.

LET ME SKIN Revive VC Cream is made with 50% seaberry water, panthenol, madecassoside, pear fruit, and strawberry extract. Instead of purified water, the cream contains 500,000 ppm of vitamin tree water. Vitamin tree water and strawberry extract are rich in vitamin C, madecassoside (a popular soothing ingredient), and panthenol (great for skin elasticity). The cream promises to nourish and soothe the skin and is vegan (doesn’t use any animal ingredients).

I could only find this on Amazon and the Official brand site.

How to use:

  • Apply at the end of your skincare routine (after serum)

  • Gently massage in

  • Follow with SPF if using in the morning

LET ME SKIN Revive VC Cream has the texture of a thick gel. Once absorbed, it’s not sticky or heavy at all. There’s a noticeable fruity / candy scent. I happened to really love it, but if you prefer unscented or very mildly fragranced products, then you may find this aroma too strong. I find it interesting that the marketing materials say the product is free of artificial fragrance. I’m not a cosmetic formulator, but the scent of the cream doesn’t appear very natural to me personally.

My impressions

I absolutely loved this cream and ran out of it a lot faster than other moisturizers simply because I used it every single morning. The formula is designed to form a protective barrier on the skin to keep all the moisture in, and I really enjoyed that.

I have combination skin with oily and dry areas, and usually just SPF is enough of a moisturizer for me in the mornings during warmer seasons. However, the VC cream made my skin so smooth and soft, without any heavy or greasy sensations, that I kept using it. And I love the scent and the thin dispenser nozzle.

I can’t say much about its effects on pigmentation - I think vitamin C in a serum form is more appropriate for that. I would absolutely get and use this again as a morning moisturizer, even if there’s no brightening effect (and I think there is some, it’s just hard for me to isolate since I use other products with similar claims as well).

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