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Nicopy Perfect Edge Liquid Liner Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I have a love-hate relationship with eyeliner. I love a dramatic cat eye, but most makeup products I have tried imprint horribly on my upper lid. That’s a common struggle for people with hooded eyes.

I didn’t have high expectations for Nicopy Perfect Edge Liquid Liner. Again, pretty much every eyeliner I have ever owned smudges and imprints on my upper lid. To add to the struggle of hooded eyes, my eyelids are also quite oily. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

All Nicopy products are vegan, cruelty free, and made with quality ingredients. This eyeliner contains no parabens. The packaging is a fine tipped pen filled with black liquid. It is very easy to apply even for someone who doesn’t wear makeup often and is sold on* eBay and Amazon.

Precision tip

I am so incredibly impressed with this eyeliner! It looks fresh all day, through anything! I’m very efficient (read: lazy) in the mornings, so I usually don’t wear eye primer or shadow. I simply apply this eyeliner and some mascara. And guess what - it stays put! No imprints. No smudging. It’s not waterproof, but even getting snow in my eye (thanks, Nebraska weather!) didn’t make it run. I have also napped with it on (I don’t recommend sleeping in makeup, but sometimes, as a mother of young kids, you do what you must to catch some rest) and it didn’t smear. The formula is polymer, which means it forms a smudge-proof film on the skin, but can be removed with just warm water. I usually use a cleansing oil or balm since I always double cleanse my face. Still, water-only removal is a nice feature for people sensitive to other cleansers.

I even featured the Nicopy Perfect Edge Liquid Liner in my winter favorites video (and you can see what it looks like on, in “real time” staring on minute 23:08). It’s definitely a great buy.

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