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Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue Review

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I think I’m in love with Rohto Mentholatum lip products. Everything I’ve tried has been AMAZING! Most recently, I’ve been using their lip cream (review here) and had to buy something else to try. I chose Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue, available on YesStyle (reward code KBHOBBIT), Amazon, and Stylevana (code INF10KBH).

This is a nourishing lip balm with jojoba seed oil, honey, and royal jelly for soft, smooth, glossy lips. The fragrance free version is clear, and the Aurora 3D is made for sensitive lips (no artificial colors or preservatives). The one I bought is called Illumina Gold (doesn’t this sound like a Harry Potter spell?).

Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue

How to use

  • Spread over lips any time you want to feel extra fancy

  • Go forth and conquer your day

The Illumina Gold variety contains gold-based fine particles that diffuse light and give a beautiful 3D effect. It’s subtle enough to wear to the office (or at least I do, but then again, I’ve worn graphic tees and orange converse to work and nobody said anything…). Illumina Gold is advertised as slightly fragrant, but I don’t really notice a scent or a flavor.

Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue

The Lip Fondue is very soft. In fact, I almost broke it when I used it the first time, because I applied as much pressure as I would while putting on regular lip balm. But this product is more like a lip cream - it’s luxuriously delicate and doesn’t take much force to spread over the lips. “Fondue” is a perfect name for this.

My impressions

When I bought this balm, I was looking for a lip SPF. I’m not sure if Lip Fondue can be used as lip sunscreen, because the packaging doesn’t talk about SPF at all. The description on YesStyle does mention a “UV cut function”, but I don’t trust that as far as sunscreen. So, I treat this as a makeup product that also doubles as an amazing lip balm. It’s the best of both worlds, really. I’m not mad at all that it’s not the sun protection product I meant to order.

Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue

I absolutely adore this lip balm! It seriously brings me so much joy! And while I would happily pay $20 or more, I’m glad it doesn’t cost that much. I think I need some of the other colors, but I’m trying to use up the menagerie of lip items I currently own. The struggle is real.

I love that the lip fondue looks sparkly and juicy and doesn’t highlight any of the dry or cracked areas of my lips. This will probably leave marks on masks and cups, but because the color is subtle, it doesn’t make much of a mess. It doesn’t bother me. I even feel pretty comfortable putting this on without a mirror, if needed.

I love love LOVE this and wish the pictures did it more justice. Go grab one and see for yourself!

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Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue

Rohto Mentholatum Lip Fondue ingredients: lanolin, jojoba seed oil, dextrin myristate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, honey, royal jelly extract, BG, polysilicone-15, titanium oxide, fragrance, Water, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate [Illuminagold]: (polyglyceryl-2 isostearate / dimerlinolinoleic acid) copolymer, Dimer dilinoleic acid dimer dilinoleyl (polyglyceryl iso-stearate / dimerdi linoleate) copolymer, [Unscented]: dimer dilinoleic acid dimer dilinoleyl, perfume [g Tokyo Violet]: Dimer dilinoleic acid dimer dilinoleyl, synthetic phlogopite, olive oil, octyl dodecanol, dimerlinoleic acid Dimerinoline, red 104 (1), t-butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, water, olive Fruit oil, dimer dilinolic acid dimer dilinoleil, pentylene glycol, methoxycinnamic acid Ethylhexyl, dibutyllauroylglutamide, borosilicate (Ca / Al), yellow 4, octyldodecanol, synthetic fluorophlogopite, ventylene glycol, (polyglyceryl-2 / dimer dilinoleic acid) copolymer, perfume [poppy orange]: dimer dilinoleic acid dimer dilinoleyl, polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, silica, Al hydroxide, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, polyglyceryl triisostearate, iron oxide, red 201, red 202, loya Ruzeri extract, ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamate, olive fruit oil, tin oxide, gunjo, dibutyllauroyl glutamid, Unscented: Dimer dilinoleyl dimer dilinoleic acid, t-butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate Illumina Gold: (polyglyceryl-2 isostearate / dimer dilinoleic acid) copolymer, dibutyl lauroyl glutamide, (polyglyceryl-2 isostearate / dimer dilinoleic acid) copolymer


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