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Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Facetory.

Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask is a wash off product that promises to hydrate and relieve redness. Despite its cream name, it has a jelly consistency with noticeable herbal inclusions of what I assume are camellia flowers. Camellia is rich in antioxidants and can help soothe the skin, especially after sun and pollution exposure. The mask is available on eBay.

Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask

How to use

  • Apply after cleansing

  • Leave on for 10-20 minutes

  • Rinse and follow with the rest of your routine

I reach for this mask a couple of times a week, or any time I want a bit of extra nourishment for the skin. The gel doesn’t have any scent and is very easy to apply. It’s not drippy and stays in place the entire time. I think the flower inclusions could have been a bit smaller, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask

My impressions

This mask is fine. It’s not mind blowing, and I don’t think it’s doing anything spectacular in terms of redness. It definitely provides “skintertainment” on nights that I don’t want to use a clay based mask but still want to do an additional step after cleansing. For soothing purposes, I prefer I’m From mugwort (review here) or AXIS-Y mugwort (review here).

Still, it’s not bad and makes my skin nice and soft to the touch after use. I will finish this jar but won’t be going out of my way to get it again.

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Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask

SanDaWha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask ingredients: Camellia flower extract, purified water, pentylene glycerol, niacinamide, glycerin, xanthan gum, arginine, camellia powder, trehalose, panthenol, sorbitan caprylate, dipotassium glyceride, propanediol, centella asiatica, green tea extract, red asian knotweed, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, levulinic acid, predoxen HCL, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile extract, aloe leaf extract, bioflavonoid, broccoli extract, rose oil, jasmine oil.

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