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Tera Wrinkle Care Tape Review

I grew up hearing my mom say “Don’t raise your eyebrows! You’ll get wrinkles!” and she was totally right. No matter how hard I try, I still have some fine expression lines on my forehead. Some people have laugh lines, and I have what I call “what is wrong with you?” lines. 

In the past, I have simply tried to remind myself to relax my forehead and used products with #synake

(a synthetic peptide made to mimic the paralyzing effects of snake venom). Then I got pregnant, and since syn-ake (and many other skincare innovations) are not tested for safety on pregnant women, I decided to err on the side of caution and stay away from it. But what about the wrinkles? Thankfully, I have a wiser, more experienced friend in a completely different season of life, who looks a good 20 years younger than her age. She recommended the Tera Wrinkle Care Tape. It’s sold on eBay and Amazon

The box comes with four sets of sticky tape pieces in carefully designed shapes. They can be applied any time of the day over dry skin (you can do it after your skincare routine, just make sure that all the products have absorbed fully or the tape won’t stick). You can also wear them to bed. They serve as a constant reminder not to frown, raise eyebrows and so on (I can almost hear my mom’s voice as I type this).

The Tera Wrinkle Care Tape is pure magic. Really. I have two horizontal lines on my forehead that virtually disappear after use. My fair skin gets red and irritated easily, but this tape doesn’t bother it. As far as I know, the product can be used by anyone (unless you have an individual sensitivity to the adhesive) - there are no hormones, growth factors, nothing potentially “risky”. The patches simply relax the underlying muscles, allowing the skin to look smooth. With age, the skin loses elasticity and its ability to bounce back after all of our frowning is reduced.

I definitely highly recommend these, especially right now. The holidays are so stressful - all the shopping, decorating, and making the yummy seasonal treats. 

The removal process is fast and painless - simply peel them off, carefully. If you have lines between the brows (so called “elevens”), then position that patch lower. I don’t, so I move it up higher toward my personal problem area. Who knew that such a simple item can be so powerfully effective.

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Tera wrinkle care tape ingredients: cotton 72%, spandex 3%, acryl polymer 10%, ethyl Acetate 15%

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