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Modu Scrub Cloth Review

A long time ago, when I was maybe 6 years old, my mom decided to do some quality control of my bathing and scrubbed me with a loofah (by then, I was in charge of my own daily hygiene). Turned out, even at that tended age I was already a slacker, and she was able to slough off an obscene amount of dead skin. I still vividly remember the unbelievable feeling of being clean (and ashamed). Now I’m a “big” girl, who even has her own little kid and I thoroughly wash myself daily, use body scrubs, and generally believe that I exfoliate well. Turns out, I am completely wrong :)

After reading reviews for magic Korean polishing “towels”, I had to get some. My set came with 10, and these are NOT single use - you can wash them and use them again and again. They do shrink considerably when wet, so I recommend getting the Large size. Using them is very simple - soak in a hot/warm bath (or shower, if you must) for 10-20 minutes (I do a sheet mask while I soak), then take one of these magic things, put it on like a glove and scrub everywhere you can reach (avoid super sensitive areas like the face) until you see dead skin coming off. And boy, does it come off! And it really is dead skin - for the purity of the experiment, I didn’t use any soap or other products, just water and these towels.

The material is thin but durable, textured but not painful. Of course, if you scrub with exceptional fanaticism, you might rub a hole :) I have fair and somewhat sensitive skin, but I haven’t had any adverse reactions. I feel like a snake who shed its old skin after this kind of exfoliation. My skin can breathe and feels so smooth, it’s amazing. I should scrub off my husband one of these days, if I can talk him into taking a bath instead of his favorite shower.

The scrub cloths can be purchased on eBay or Amazon.

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