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Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Review

I had a “Christmas in April” moment a bit ago, when a friend from Australia sent me a package of Korean skincare and makeup items (thanks, Anna). One of the things was this Mamonde Cream Tint. To be honest, the color swatch on the package scared me - 07 Kissing You looks fuchsia and I’m not typically very adventurous in makeup choices.

The lip tint comes in a shape of a fat crayon - twist the bottom to dispense more. It goes on very smoothly and is creamy on the lips. It feels a lot more like lip balm or lipstick than a tint (most tints that I have tried are liquid and water-like). The product is actually 3-in-1: lipstick, tint, and lip balm. It applies and feels like lipstick, leaves a long lasting stain like a tint, and hydrates and nourishes like a balm.

I like to think of myself as a brave person, so I wore it to work to test out the color and longevity. It’s not as wild on the lips as the package makes it seem (sigh of relief). At first, it leaves marks on mugs and generally behaves like lipstick. But after a few hours (and coffee/water/food), the creamy layer wears off and you are left with tinted lips that still feel very nourished and not at all dry. The printing stops at that point, but wiping with a napkin will still leave a mark.

I’ve gotten compliments on the color and it’s definitely growing on me. It fades evenly, so I can get away with applying it in the morning and not having to touch up. By evening, I’m left with a nice pink tint that’s not splotchy, and hydrated lips. I struggle with dry lips in general, and this product seems to greatly improve their condition while still providing makeup benefits.

It's available on eBay and Amazon

Overall, I can confidently recommend this product. If I didn’t already have hobbit hoards of Korean makeup, I would buy another color. But then again, can one even have too many lip colors?

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