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Joah Box (May 2019) - Korean Beauty Box Review

Mail day is the most exciting day, even if I know what’s coming. It’s extra exciting if the package contents are a surprise! You may have read my review of the February Korean beauty box Joah Box. Imagine my delight when they sent me their May box!

Around May 22nd, a parcel arrived directly from Korea. Inside was a neat black box full of skincare and makeup items by lesser known Korean beauty brands. I will talk about each one below.

1. Thank You Farmer Light Sun Essence

This is a light, non-greasy and paraben-free sun protection essence (SPF 50+ PA+++). It smells divine, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a white cast or any stickiness. It can (and should be) used daily, any time of the year.

2. Kicho Large Multi Brush

This is a really fun beauty tool. The brush is synthetic (easy to clean, cruelty free) and can be used for powder or cream foundation, blush, highlighter - anything. I use it to apply my Skinfood peach powder (review here) and it’s been great. Very soft and pleasant on the skin. The curves allow me to get the powder into trickier places, such as around the nose. The handle is just the right length to be comfortable.

3. W. Lab Hair Steam Ampule Mask Cap

Haircare is a hot topic for me. I have long, straight hair that suffered severe damage from a failed perm three years ago. I chopped off more than 10 inches and have been growing it back ever since.

This mask has three parts - the mask itself, a shower cap, and a treatment to apply at the end. I washed my hair, spread the treatment (step 1) on it, put on the cap and relaxed for about 10 minutes. Then I rinsed everything off and applied the last step onto damp hair from about ear level to the ends. The instructions say to apply that to dry hair, but I prefer damp for a more even application.




My hair definitely looked and felt smoother and healthier with a nice shine. I didn’t notice any extra weight or greasiness, which is very important to me.

4. Ri Re Luxe Metal Glitter in Aurora

When I first took this shiny tube out of the box, I got a bit hesitant. It’s VERY glittery and reminds me somewhat of my confused late tween/early teen years. I sent a picture to a friend who said that it probably can be blended out and look good. Ok, I’m brave, so I tried that.

I LOVE it. My preferred application method is to apply a bit of a matte base eye shadow all over the lid, then dab some of the Metal Glitter on and blend with my finger. It adds a touch of shimmer to the lid and stays in place all day without spreading to the other parts of the face. The way I do it looks very subdued, but you can certainly layer more for a dramatic effect or an evening look.

What I really appreciate about this item is its “on trend” nature. Glittery looks are very popular in Korea right now, and it’s nice to receive a piece of that culture in the Joah box.

5. Da Mior Beauty Inside Bamboo Sheet Mask

It doesn’t get much more kbeauty than a sheet mask! I’ve tried hundreds of them over the last two years, but still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of that market. The May Joah Box includes a Da Mior Beauty sheet mask. The red ginseng and bamboo sap promise nourishment and elasticity. The mask material is very soft and thin. I was happy to discover no scent (sometimes ginseng products are heavily perfumed). My skin was very soft and smooth afterwards.

A cool feature of this particular mask is a magnet-activated verification tab. Hold a magnet behind to reveal colored stripes that prove the mask’s authenticity.

6. Instructions booklet and a playing card

Just like the last time, I’m not sure about the card’s purpose, but I saved it. It’s cute.

The booklet with product descriptions and instructions is invaluable, as some of these products have wording exclusively in Korean.

Overall box impressions:

The Joah Box plans run from $35.95 to $31.67 a month, depending on the duration of your plan (the more months you sign up for, the cheaper each box). The plans include free shipping and  an assortment of 5-7 full-sized curated products.

This box was gifted to me, but would I pay $36 for it? Yes, I would. After more than two years of heavily consuming kbeauty products, I’m familiar with a lot of brands and items. Yet I have never owned anything that was sent to me in either of the boxes. For someone just starting to dabble in Korean beauty, this provides great exposure. And more seasoned “addicts” like myself can discover lesser known brands. A mix of makeup, skincare, hair care and tools keeps the boxes interesting.

You can order your own Korean Beauty Box by Joah Box here.


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