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Brillie 3 Step Lip System Review

Most days, I feel like a skincare dragon - I have so many wonderful things that I could pile them up and sleep on them like dragons sleep on their treasures. But there are only so many facial skincare products one can comfortably use, so I was beyond excited when by Sophie beauty box sent me lip care. Now that is something I can absolutely use!

My lips are dry, chap easily, and can even split at times. Brillie 3 Step Lip System contains three products meant to keep lips in top shape. Please note, this is a VERY new line, and it hasn’t yet been released in stores. I will update the review with links on where to purchase once it’s available (which should be very soon; rumor has it Costco will carry it).


Step 1 - Lip Mask

This is a gommage exfoliating lip mask that removes dead skin cells and preps the lips for the other steps. Contains macadamia seed oil and AHA for soft, moist lips.

  • How to use: Apply to dry, clean lips

  • Rinse off after 1-2 minutes (can use a wet wash cloth)

  • Use once or twice a week

This is my favorite step of the entire routine. In the past, I have only used lip scrubs (the physical exfoliators with tiny granules or sugar or other gently abrasive substances). I have never used a chemical exfoliator on the lips and I’ve been missing out. I love how gentle, quick, and effective this is. The texture reminds me of a clay mask. This Brillie mask isn’t drying at all and causes no discomfort. I love it. It’s also super easy to apply because of the squeeze tube packaging.

Step 2 - Lip Gel Mask

Brillie lip gel mask is a plumping patch with peach and blueberry extracts. It promises to hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier thanks to the honey extract and ceramides.

How to use:

  • Apply to clean, dry lips

  • Remove after 15-20 minutes

  • Follow with step 3 (or another occlusive lip balm product)

I’m a huge fan or Korean eye patches, but I’m not as crazy about the lip ones. I think it’s nice that the size allows for care not just for the lips but for the surrounding area that can get fine lines with age.

This is ok and I will use them up, but it’s not a super necessary product for me, plus I do not see any immediate benefits like I do with step 1, for example.

Step 3 - Lip Essence

Soothing and moisturizing essence to help keep the lips in top shape with allantoin, squalen, and vitamins A & E. The product comes out white, but then gets a pink hue once applied. Layering more will result in a brighter color. The squeeze tube format is really convenient for application.

How to use:

  • Apply as needed to soothe the lips

I like this essence and its lovely pink color (one layer gives the appearance of flushed lips that still look natural. I usually do not do more than one layer as the color starts to look more like makeup on me). The formula is quite light. It’s good for the daytime, but I would love to see this lip system include a very occlusive, rich lip sleeping pack too.


Overall, I love seeing more specialized products from Korean cosmetics. There are already hundreds of options for facial care, but sometimes lips and the body get forgotten. What are your favorite lip items?

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This product was sent to me for free. This is not a sponsored review.


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