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Daebak Box Review

This is a sponsored review with affiliate links. Product provided by Daebak.

I’ve been a fan of kbeauty for close to six years, constantly trying new lotions and potions. However, when it comes to the rest of Korean culture, my knowledge and experience are severely lacking. Obviously, South Korea has a lot more to offer than skincare, but it could be hard to try and explore any of that without help or guidance.

Enter Daebak! This website offers everything from snacks to skincare to kpop items, as well as themed subscription boxes to help you or a loved one experience something new. Both subscriptions and one-time box purchases are available on the Daebak site (discount code KBHOBBIT). Watch the unboxing reel here.

Subscription boxes ship in March, June, September and December; new subscribers get their first box within a month of signing up. I received the seasonal Fall 2022 Daebak Box.

Daebak Box

All of the items were carefully packed inside a sturdy cardboard Fall themed box.


I received two P.CALM products - an up-and-coming skincare brand. I see it quite a bit on social media, and I love that Daebak included this brand instead of something very well known (and thus boring). The box included a cream and a toner, which should work for any skin type, including sensitive skin.

Daebak Box


Something for everyone - dessert corn cream cakes plus regional Sun chips flavor - so fun! Hardcore foodies can purchase more snacks on the site or even sign up for the SnackFever box. I had to hide mine right away before my family ate it all hehe.

Daebak Box


Instead of a tiny leaflet like some boxes, the Daebak shipment comes with two magazines. The Daebak magazine includes information about the items in the box, a mini box of your own to build, plus themed articles. For example, the Fall magazine had information on what South Koreans like to do in the Fall and 8 things to know about dating in Korea. My favorite section had some quick, useful phrases in Korean with pronunciation written in English letters.

Daebak Box

The second magazine is called 1st Look. It’s mostly in Korean and has huge, beautiful pictures of kpop stars and other celebrities. What a great item, especially for those looking to practice Korean or have a more immersive experience.


My box had some fun tidbits that were actually my favorite part of the whole shipment.

I’m obsessed with the little stuffed animal - it’s so cute and exactly what I would expect from a fun Korean box. I learned from the Daebak magazine that it’s a Korean Crow-tit Mini Doll, handmade by the artist. Its cute shape and texture are meant to relieve stress.

I also got a character lanyard, a metal keychain from Jungang Craft Museum, and a Seoul magnet. The most unique item was Lavoir scented laundry dryer sheets. Talk about a well-rounded experience - from snacks to laundry.

Daebak Box

My impressions

This is such a fun treat for either yourself or a loved one. The element of surprise alone is enough to make delivery day exciting, and the contents are great in both variety and quality. The boxes aren’t all the same either - if you and a friend are both getting the Fall box, you will likely get different magnet designs, or different keychains, or differently colored stuffies. You get the idea.

Daebak Box

I have nothing against skincare-only subscription boxes, but I personally already have more skincare than any individual could possibly need. But do I have too many snacks? Or too many Korean souvenirs? No! So for me, the Daebak box totally hit the spot. And I loved that everything was carefully and lovingly packed - no damage in shipping whatsoever, and unboxing felt like opening a present.

Overall, I would definitely get Daebak boxes again and feel good about gifting one to a friend.

Daebak Box

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