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Lisse Derm AC Control Spot Review

I’ve been fairly blessed when it comes to skin, yet breakouts still happen. Pimple patches come to the rescue, but there are only so many in each package, and they aren’t the most convenient thing if a large area is affected.

Lisse Derm AC Control Spot came to me in a By Sophie Beauty Box (a box sent out to selected influencers to introduce them to the latest kbeauty finds). Watch the unboxing of the latest one here. The product is specifically designed for red and irritated skin. It can be used as a spot treatment for small zits as well as to cover larger areas. It’s sold on eBay and YesStyle.

How to use:

  • Apply as the last step of skincare

  • Can be used in the AM or PM (it is visible on the skin, so use your best judgement)

The glass tube contains a solution of calamine, centella asiatica, aloe, tea tree, and other soothing ingredients.

If the pimple is extra bad, then do not shake the bottle - simply pull the applicator out (it will have some powder from the bottom of the tube) and apply to the spot. For less grave issues, shake the container, then apply generously.

My impressions

The Lisse Derm AC Control Spot has been my go-to for breakouts for several months. I’m not sure how much is left in the bottle, because I can’t see into it, but it’s probably about half.

I notice that the pimples take less time to heal. The redness is reduced, and swelling / puffiness goes down. I love that this product doesn’t bleach my towels, sheets or pillow cases (some of the creams and spot treatments I used in high school would leave white streaks on fabrics). One thing to note - if you apply this to broken skin (like a zit that has been popped), it will sting for a bit, but the stinging doesn’t last.

The pink is definitely noticeable on the skin, but I wear it around the house if needed. I haven’t used it during the day outside of the house. Perhaps, under foundation it will be hidden completely. If you try that approach, please let me know how that worked for you.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic alternative or supplement to pimple patches, and it works wonderfully on individual spots as well as large areas.

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This post contains affiliate links.

This product was gifted to me. This is not a sponsored review - all opinions are my own.


K Beauty Hobbit
K Beauty Hobbit
Aug 25, 2020

Hi, Tina. I think La Muse mask would be fine. It's very creamy. Don't let it (or any other clay mask) completely dry on your skin. Keep it nice and moist (it will still work well). It's also ok to apply masks to specific areas, like your nose. It's a little hard to chat in the blog comments, because the engine doesn't yet support "direct replies" - so I hope you see mine. A better place for a good conversation is my facebook group Korean Beauty Fanatics ( You can also look into gently exfoliating sleeping packs like Make p:rem to help with the oiliness. I'm not a dermatologist, but my own t-zone gets oily when it's not properly hydrated,…


Tina Geane
Aug 25, 2020

Hi-I hope your well, So would you say the La Muse Purifying Mask would be ok for someone w/dry skin? I've only used 1 clay mask because it dried out my already dry skin even more, but I'd like to try again because I know they are good for drawing out impurities from your pores which helps with large pores also. I kinda have a weird combination skin, although dry( sometimes extremely dry) my nose area isn't what I'd call oily but it gets shiny at times but that's where I have larger pores, it drives me nuts 'cause I'll do a good double cleanse pores will be hardly noticeable- wake up There they are again looking like big holes…

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