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Mamonde Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara Review

When it comes to decorative makeup, I’m a minimalist. Mascara, some powder, and brow gel is all I need on a daily basis. That means the mascara better be really, really good.

I finished a tube of Tony Moly Panda’s Dream mascara (review here) and moved onto the Mamonde Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara in Black. Mamonde is one of my favorite brands - I usually enjoy their skincare very much (reviews here).

Mamonde Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara is sold on eBay, Amazon, and YesStyle.

The mascara has a nicely shaped, easy to use brush and is simple to apply. Here’s where this review gets tricky. If you are used to “regular” mascaras (ones that need to be removed with makeup remover), then you will probably like this one. It wears well, doesn’t flake and doesn’t smudge. I, however, am forever ruined by Korean polymer mascaras. My first one was by #Missha, and the most recent one by #TonyMoly. I’m simply in love with how easy it is to remove polymer mascaras with just water.

After using the Mamonde one for a couple of weeks (and trying to love it the best I could), I gave up and purchased another polymer one. Regular mascaras just aren’t for me anymore. I don’t like having to use a cleansing oil or makeup remover on my eyes. I’m tired and lazy.

So, in short, it’s a lovely “normal” mascara. But it doesn’t compare to the ease of removal (and the dramatic volumizing effect) of polymer mascaras. If you like the more traditional mascaras, then give Mamonde Big Eye Volume Lash a try.

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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2019

I couldn't agree more with you! I am over regular mascara and SO in love with the polymer ones just like you. For the same reason!

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