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Pedatosol Alboris Edelweiss Calming Bubble Essence Review

Essences may be the most mysterious step of Korean beauty rituals. Some are watery, some are very thick, and some… bubble!

The Pedatosol Alboris Edelweiss Calming Bubble Essence combines two new trends in Korean skincare - the bubbling / oxygen trend and using extracts of resilient plants capable of surviving in extreme environments. Alboris Edelweiss uses plants from the Swiss Alps in hopes of passing some of their protective properties to the skin. It’s sold on Amazon (the seller is located in Korea and is legitimate; they partner with Amazon to ensure quick delivery to US customers).

A full list of ingredients can be found at the end of the review. Some highlights:

  • Niacinamide - brightens the skin and helps with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation

  • Adenosine - KFDA approved anti-aging ingredient; helps with elasticity

  • Kelp, aloe vera, violet flower extract and other botanicals - soothe and support the skin

This essence was developed to moisturize and protect sensitive skin. The bubbles are added to promote better penetration of the beneficial ingredients. The product forms a protective layer, keeping all the good things in and anything harmful (such as pollution) out.

How to use:

  • Apply after toner

  • Dispense a few pumps and spread over the face and neck

  • Once the oxygen bubbles form, gently pat into the skin

Can be used in the morning or evening.

You can see the tiny bubbles in the second picture:

The essence is thicker than other essences I’ve tried. The bottle does mention “all in one”, but doesn’t elaborate what that means exactly. To me, based on the formation of the protective barrier mentioned in the marketing materials, this product combines lotion and essence in one. And that’s how it feels after application - like I have essence and moisturizer on.

My impressions:

I’ve been using this essence in the mornings right after toner. I’m treating it as an essence and moisturizer in one, because my combination skin feels really good after application and I don’t need a separate cream or lotion. The bubbling action is really interesting - at first I couldn’t help but feel like I'm slathering on a foaming cleanser. But after a bit of gentle patting, the skin is nice and plump and not sticky. Use less than what you think you will need - the bubbles expand the product quite a bit.

Loving the cool packaging

I always use SPF after the essence has had a chance to get absorbed (I give it a minute or two). One interesting thing I noticed - Pedatosol Alboris Edelweiss Calming Bubble Essence makes my skin glow. Not shine in a greasy way, but glow in that “glass skin” way everyone seems to want. And that effect shows through even after using SPF. I’ve been using my sun protection for months, so I know what the finish looks like, and it’s definitely different when applied over this essence. The best part - the skin is perfectly smooth and velvety to the touch, not sticky or oily. So, if you are into the “glow”, check out this product.

I’m enjoying this essence a lot. It’s a quick and fun way to get my skin in shape in the morning without using tons of steps. And it will work just as well in the evenings (I tried it), but I use other products before bed, simply because I have a huge selection of things. Currently, my favorite is the Oattbe Syn Bio β-Glucans Serum.

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This product was sent to me for free. This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions are my own and honest.

Pedatosol Alboris Edelweiss Calming Bubble Essence Ingredients:


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