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Sleep & Glow Aula Pillow Review

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Sleep&Glow.

Sleep… can there ever be enough? In theory - yes, but in reality I’m always craving more. Every evening, once the kids are in bed, I have to decide between sleep and having a shred of alone time without someone constantly needing me. Most nights, alone time wins and I end up staying up too late, then regretting it in the morning.

A good pillow is key to quality sleep and not waking up with a sore neck / shoulders and a face full of sleep lines. I’ve been using the Sleep & Glow Omnia pillow for over a year (review here) and now I’m trying out their Aula pillow. Both are available on the Sleep & Glow official website, and you can save on your order with my code KB10.

Sleep & Glow Aula Pillow

A small recap / update to the Omnia pillow review - I’ve used it daily for over a year and it’s the best thing ever for side sleepers. Yes, it helps hold off premature aging by not putting pressure on the face, but more importantly - it makes my neck and shoulders feel great. I miss it dearly when I’m traveling! 365+ nights of sleep, and the pillow still looks and feels brand new. It didn’t lose any of its original volume or shape.

If preventing premature aging and reducing morning puffiness is your goal, then what’s better than side sleeping on an amazing pillow? Sleeping on your back! The Sleep & Glow Aula pillow is designed to train someone to sleep on their back, which can help with face and chest wrinkles. It also claims to relax and elongate the spine, allowing the tension to leave the muscles.

The Aula pillow features special side bolsters that make sleeping on the back comfortable and restful. They gently cushion the head while you sleep and help the spine stay in a neutral position. The package comes with an additional optional foam insert (just like the omnia) so you can customize the height of the pillow. I use the foam inserts on both of my pillows.

Sleep & Glow pillows arrive neatly rolled and squished into plastic wrapping inside the box. Allow some time (a few hours) for the pillow to fully expand and look like the marketing pictures. Once it expands, it holds its shape night after night.

Here’s my pillow fresh out of the box:

Sleep & Glow Aula Pillow

And here it is later, ready to be enjoyed:

Sleep & Glow Aula Pillow

My impressions

I wish I had this in high school, because I needed to sleep on my back for a little while for medical reasons, and it was an absolutely miserable ordeal. The Aula pillow would have made it so much better.

Right away, I could tell the pillow was very comfortable. Lying down on it felt way better than any regular pillow I’ve tried, and even better than the Omnia (specifically while lying on the back). It did take me a few nights to fall asleep on my back, probably because I’m absolutely not used to that. I started slowly by using the Aula to listen to meditations and drifting off to sleep that way, then taking a nap here and there, and now I can use it for regular night sleep as well.

It’s superbly comfortable and I love the side bolsters. If my head tilts to one side, there’s a cushy little barrier to catch it. One important thing for me has been putting another pillow (I use a body pillow folded in half) under my knees to take pressure off my lower back. I like to keep my hands either on my stomach or a bit lower toward the hips.

I wake up significantly less puffy, and my neck, shoulders, and back feel great. I never thought morning swelling was a big deal, but it’s definitely noticeable in my morning selfies (usually showing SPF finish) vs any other pictures later in the day. I feel like now my face looks better in the morning, more like it does the rest of the day.

The Omnia (side sleeper) pillow is still my first and forever love, and I definitely reach for it. But I’m enjoying the Aula as well, and can see having use for both of them. Great products and totally worth the price, in my opinion. If something happened to mine, I would be getting a replacement right away.

The Omnia pillow:

Sleep & Glow Omnia pillow

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