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The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB SPF45 PA+++ Review

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

This post contains affiliate links. Product provided by Jolse.

I’ve been curious about the luxury side of Korean beauty for some time, and finally started to get my hands on some higher end products in 2021. The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB SPF45 PA+++, available on Jolse, promises a light, powdery feeling and skin as beautiful as a pearl (partially due to the added protection from the sun).

On a daily basis, I stick to translucent powder, mascara, and browcara as far as makeup goes, but I like to have a BB cream on hand for Youtube or special occasions (or if I’m having a particularly bad breakout and want to try and camouflage that).

A bottle of The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB

The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB cream has a somewhat liquid (but not runny) consistency and is very easy to spread. I usually use my fingers or a moistened beauty blender to apply - both methods give a good result. As far as I can tell, this only comes in one shade and suits my fair skin really well.

The finish is satin - not totally matte but not shiny or dewy. I’m a big fan of a pretty matte face, so I top off all of my bb creams, including this one, with translucent powder, at least in the middle of the face (nose / forehead). There’s a slight and pleasant scent - I do not notice it after the application / it doesn’t linger.

A bottle of The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB with the lid off

I appreciate the SPF45 to cover potential skip areas missed by the base layer of a separate SPF applied before makeup, but I would advise against using this or any other bb cream as your only means of sun protection. It’s important to apply enough product and cover all exposed areas, such as eyelids, ears, neck, etc, and most people would not use enough bb cream to achieve the SPF on the label or spread it over the ears. A separate base layer of sunscreen is a must, at least to me.

I’m enjoying this BB cream - it provides light to medium coverage (I only use one layer) that’s perfect for the “no makeup” makeup look I prefer. It hides minor imperfections and blemishes without looking cakey or heavy. People wanting more coverage can probably apply more layers to achieve the desired effect. This makes my skin look nearly flawless and more even than powder alone.

A swatch of The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB on the hand

The packaging is unique and stunning - it makes me feel like I’m partaking in a special beauty ritual; definitely more fun than a regular tube. However, I’m not sure how easy this will be to dispense once I only have a little bit of the product left (and how much of it might be stuck in the beautiful curves of the bottle). The nozzle definitely allows for a pretty precise dispensing that I enjoy.

Overall, I’m very happy with this The History of Whoo product and would love to try more of their offerings.

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The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB next to the history of whoo balancer

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