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The Saem Saemmul Perfect Pore Primer Review

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry-to-normal cheeks. Through proper hydration and a carefully selected routine, I have gotten it to balance out and rarely have an oily sheen anymore. However, for years, that was the bane of my existence. Especially around lunch time and afterwards, my forehead and nose would start to glisten. I still remember the sickening feeling of touching my forehead and the fingers sliding around in the oil. There’s only so much powder one can pile on before looking like an unfortunate victim of bad makeup, and the oil blotting sheets have their limits too.

Interestingly enough, even when used without foundation or bb cream, a good primer can control oil production and give a natural-looking finish all day long.

When choosing a primer, I decided on The Saem Saemmul Perfect Pore Primer. I had a few reasons - I already liked the brand for their clean ingredients, the size seemed just right for me (not too large but not small), and it’s very easily accessible on different shopping sites - eBay, Amazon, YesStyle, Jolse, and Cosmetic Love. The clear product comes in a squeeze tube with a small nozzle - very convenient.

Active ingredients:

  • Green tea, tea tree, and camellia flower extracts - control excess oil production, help make the pores less noticeable

  • Rose water and birch tree sap - balance oil and water levels for a smooth looking skin.

How to use:

  • After the last step of skincare (typically, sunscreen), apply a small amount and gently tap it in with fingertips

  • Let the primer “set” for a few seconds or a minute, then use your regular foundation or powder

This can be applied all over the face or only on the problem areas (nose, forehead, etc) where you experience oiliness and enlarged pores.

My impressions:

I would definitely buy this again. A great primer with a very mild, pleasant scent. The skin after application feels velvety-soft, the pores are masked perfectly. I’ve mostly used it under powder (read the review for my current favorite here), but it worked well under BB cream and cushions too. No shine all day, even in a hot and humid Kentucky summer (we went there on vacation one year, and everything except my face was melting off). The price is quite reasonable. I used this tube regularly and it lasted me a ridiculously long time (I want to say at least six months, but my memory is a bit fuzzy these days). I confidently recommend this to anyone who wants to control oil production and pore appearance. You can read my other The Saem reviews here and other makeup reviews here.

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