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Labiotte Momentique Hand Bell Liner Review

I’ve been in a makeup mood lately. Probably because I have so much skincare already that I can’t possibly justify buying anything else. And yet all of my #makeup can still fit into a tiny bathroom drawer.

I love Labiotte for two reasons - the absolutely gorgeous packaging and high quality products. The second point is very important, because if the beautifully packaged items are crap, then I don’t want them.

During the holiday sales of 2019, I purchased the Labiotte Momentique Hand Bell Liner. It’s available on eBay, Amazon, and Jolse. You can see me wearing it in this video. The cute handbell base is a pot of black gel (I bought black, but it also comes in ash black, brown, and satin brown). The handle is a cleverly disguised application brush.

I have a hooded eye and it’s crucial that any eyeliner I use doesn’t imprint on the top lid (most of them do, sadly). And it’s also important for it to come off with a regular cleansing oil (I am not a big fan of having to use a separate eye makeup remover). 

My impressions:

I am very happy with this purchase. The brush might look large in pictures, but it is flat with a thin edge, so very fine lines can be drawn. I prefer a thicker winged line, which is very easy to achieve with this product.

I am not a very experienced makeup user, and the Labiotte Momentique Hand Bell Liner takes me a little bit more time to apply than “pen” style liners (such as this Nicopy one). I’m not mad about it, I simply need more experience. And it’s still fairly quick, just not as quick as some of the other products.

I couldn’t have asked for a better wear experience. The liner stays put all day (even if I walk outside a bit when it’s snowing), doesn’t leave marks on my upper lid, and easily comes off with cleansing oil. It’s everything I wanted in eye makeup. Bonus points for not causing eye fatigue or discomfort.

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